Madd-Steiny Products

Tools to Help Individuals and Teams Cultivate New Possibilities

Madd-Steiny products are designed to help you bring out the best in your people! They are designed to build organizational cultures, support performance improvement and enhance leadership and team performance.

Do Respect™ DVD

An inspirational video and meeting guide to engage employees to act in ways that enhance your workplace culture.
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RespectFULL Teams™

Build capacity to help individuals and teams: identify respectful behaviors; explore personal accountability; develop skills and abilities that honor diversity; communicate more effectively; build trust; reflect upon and recognize positive outcomes. 
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Values Discovery

High performing companies have a well-defined organizational culture that is driven by a set of overarching values. Our suite of products help leaders and teams discover the core values most important to their mission and build effective performance. View this product.

"Georgine Madden has been integral in leading, supporting and improving our organizational service excellence initiatives involving employee engagement, customer satisfaction and leadership/employee development. Georgine has developed and conducted WestHealth’s culture survey over the past five years which has allowed us to measure employee engagement, celebrate our accomplishments and identify opportunities for continuous improvement. She has worked with our leadership team on programs and tools for performance management, coaching, conflict resolution, service standards and key words at key times. She has designed and developed employee training and development programming that offer practical tools and skill building.All of Georgine’s consulting has been collaborative and aimed specifically to our organizational needs. We have seen tools hardwired in our culture and impressive results on our organizational goals."

Jeffry Roseland

Director of Administrative Services WestHealth