Madd-Steiny Products

Tools to Help Individuals and Teams Cultivate New Possibilities

Madd-Steiny products are designed to help you bring out the best in your people! They are designed to build organizational cultures, support performance improvement and enhance leadership and team performance.

Do Respect™ DVD

An inspirational video and meeting guide to engage employees to act in ways that enhance your workplace culture.
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RespectFULL Teams™

Build capacity to help individuals and teams: identify respectful behaviors; explore personal accountability; develop skills and abilities that honor diversity; communicate more effectively; build trust; reflect upon and recognize positive outcomes. 
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Values Discovery

High performing companies have a well-defined organizational culture that is driven by a set of overarching values. Our suite of products help leaders and teams discover the core values most important to their mission and build effective performance. View this product.

"Georgine has conducted workshops for the St Thomas Leadership Academy for the past two years with great feedback and many requests for these sessions to be repeated.  She understands what skills leaders need to be successful and has a unique ability to engage and inspire participants to lead by example.  As a result of her great work with the Leadership Academy, Georgine has been asked to develop customer service training programs for a number of departments.  She continues to get these requests because her programs are practical and they work.  We are extremely pleased with the results and will continue to utilize Georgine Madden for future training needs."

- Carolyn Milbrath

Manager of Professional Development University of St Thomas